Scarlet Fate - Knights of Fantasy 2 Available On Game Hollywood Games

Scarlet Fate, from prolific publisher and developer Game Hollywood, is the long-awaited sequel to the hugely popular Knights of Fantasy – and you can play it right now. 

 For the uninitiated, Knights of Fantasy is a strategy-RPG with idle gameplay. It sees you playing in real-time multiplayer battles, summoning heroes, and more, all while goggling at the gorgeous anime visuals.

Scarlet Fate looks to surpass its forerunner in presentation and gameplay, with Game Hollywood promising a colorful and charming anime RPG that stays true to its roots – which is excellent news for all concerned.

Once again, Scarlet Fate is set in a fantasy world populated by fun characters and gripping stories. 

There are three forces in this sprawling world: Human, Demi-human, and Demon. As you’d expect, each of these different races has its own attributes and skills. 

You, meanwhile, play as Lotus, and it’s your job to summon heroes from these three races and combine them to create the most effective possible squads. Once assembled, your teams of heroes venture out to recover precious resources through deadly combat. 

But there’s more. When you’re not kicking ass on the battlefield you can kick back while staying with your in-game friends, sending them items, sharing the food you’ve made, and listening to their life stories. It doesn’t get much more wholesome than that. 

Scarlet Fate is a strategy-RPG with an emphasis on making friends and collecting pets – then parrying them into the perfect combat team. 

There’s a wide variety of gameplay on offer, including combat on the battlefield, exploration in the woods, treasure-hunting, and running a successful coffee shop. That might sound like a lot to do, but don’t panic – Scarlet Fate is an idle game, so you can obtain loot even when you’re offline.